Southborough School of Dance is proud to teach the acclaimed Legat Russian Ballet Method. Developed by Nikolai Legat at the beginning of the last century, it’s a method rooted in the world-famous Russian Ballet School. Legat is widely recognised as the genius behind Russian Ballet. He brought this beautiful, unique style to the UK and established the Russian Ballet Society here.

Our Russian method of training progressively challenges those who show potential. Equally, children who take classes as a hobby benefit from our structured approach to lessons. Learning ballet teaches all our children the value of good discipline. It also equips them with great physical posture and an inner confidence. These are life skills that help them build their future wherever it takes them.

If pupils progress in their exams and pass the Advanced Foundation level, they become members of the Russian Ballet Society. This automatically allows students to complete further examinations and continue building their UCAS points.

Read more about Nikolai Legat’s story here.

Strong, Elegant and Expressive Ballet Dancers

The main features of the Legat method are strong technique and elegant body lines.

The dancers learn to be co-ordinated and expressive by understanding how to exploit their upper body, arms and headline. The result is light and shade in their dancing, artistry, musicality and a natural flow to their movements.

Our qualified teachers introduce this work gradually, in the early years, with very simple exercises. Pupils then build on this naturally, as they develop through the higher ballet grades.

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