To make sure your child has an enjoyable, constructive and happy dance school experience, please note the following important school rules:

  • Ballet and all other dance genres are an art form where precision and correct placement of the body are essential. Whenever necessary, teachers need to make ‘hands-on’ corrections to help the students understand how to ‘feel’ the correct position of their body as opposed to the incorrect one. This correction method is applied only when necessary. If, however, any parent is opposed to this part of the professional teaching, please let the teacher know in writing
  • Like in any sport or other physical exercise, injuries may occur while dancing. Our teachers are careful and considerate in their delivery of work and never request more than the body of the child can do for any particular age. However, in the unfortunate event that injuries occur, our teachers cannot be held responsible. They will advise how best to deal with the injury and guide you to the best course of action to facilitate a speedy recovery
  • Pictures and short video clips may be taken during classes or in preparation for any stage performance. If this occurs, the material may be uploaded to our website or social media for the sole purpose of advertising the good training at Southborough School of Dance. In these circumstances, no child name will be attached to any photo or video. At the time of registering your child to our school you will be expressly asked for your consent. However, if you change your mind, please let us know in writing at any time
  • The school is not responsible for any lost property. Items left behind such as water bottles, ballet uniforms, ballet shoes and hoodies are kept for a maximum of 3 weeks, after which they are discarded

If you require clarifications or further details on any aspect of the school rules, please do get in touch or ask your teacher.