The Southborough School of Dance offers dance classes for children of all ages in ballet, tap and modern.

We also run ballet lessons for adults, as well as for dancers interested in training to become ballet teachers themselves.

For those wanting extra training for an audition or competition, we can arrange private coaching sessions, either one-to-one or for a small group.

Russian Ballet Classes

Whether your child dreams of one day becoming a professional ballet dancer or just loves to move to music, our approach to teaching ballet will help them reach their full potential.

At Southborough School of Dance, we are passionate about the discipline of ballet and aim to inspire all our pupils to be confident dancers with artistic expression.

Our classical ballet teaching follows the Legat System of Russian Ballet. By focusing on strong technique and elegant body lines, our qualified teachers work on developing the dancer’s coordination and expression of movement. Over time, pupils grow their own artistry and musicality, flow of movement and grace.

For those pupils who show promise, our experienced teachers will support and guide their journey to reach their dream.

We offer a free trial lesson to all prospective pupils. This helps us to place your child in the class that’s at the right level for them, based on their ability and how much dancing they’ve done. It also gives your child the chance, risk-free, to test us out too and see if they like our classes and methodology.

Well-equipped with professional portable ballet barres, mirrors and Harlequin dance flooring, our dance studio at Southborough Primary School is large, light and airy. Come and see for yourself!

Get in touch for your free trial lesson.

Modern and Tap Classes

Our modern and tap dance classes focus on having fun and enjoyment in movement. Both dance styles are taught based on the ISTD syllabus by our experienced teacher, Miss Maria, but without the pressure of taking exams. Each year the children get to show off what they’ve learnt as an integral part of the Southborough School of Dance Annual Performance, as well as taking part in local Dance Festivals.

Modern dance is very grounded, developing flexibility and suppleness. Pupils learn strong jazz movements and a softer lyrical style, allowing them to make interesting lines and shapes with the body. Legs and feet can use the parallel line as well as ballet’s turned-out positions. Learning ballet alongside modern is very beneficial, as this gives them an excellent basis for all disciplines. The groundwork for any style is correct posture and core strength, and modern has a major part in developing this. Children can start modern from five years of age.

Tap dancing is excellent for developing rhythm, style, musicality and personality. From learning very simple beats to more intricate footwork, tap offers a great incentive for improving concentration as well as strengthening mind and body.

Beginners’ classes are taught the very basics for each style. Gradually, routines are introduced which may involve also learning to express emotions. With the choreography in place, the teacher encourages and develops the children’s curiosity in understanding the music and their acting ability within the dance routine.

Whichever discipline your child is most attracted to, at Southborough School of Dance every pupil is individually cared for. Our teachers strive to achieve excellent results while passing on their love for dancing.

Get in touch to find out more and for a free taster lesson.

Adult Ballet Classes

If you’ve been thinking about joining a ballet class, then look no further. We deliver adult ballet classes in Langton Green and Pembury.

We offer adult ballet classes to suit all abilities from beginner to more advanced. Perhaps you danced as a youngster and want to re-capture that enjoyment and beauty of movement again? Or maybe you never had the opportunity to learn but have always longed to try? Whatever the reason, there’s no stopping you now.

Choose the right level of adult class for you:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate/Advanced

The above levels will vary according to the general ability of the dancers but all follow the Russian style. All classes are syllabus-free, meaning there are no set exercises in preparation for examinations. Check here the timetable for your class.

There are many benefits to learning ballet as an adult. You will learn how to strengthen your posture and stance, whilst developing control when transferring weight – all crucial for supporting the body’s skeleton and frame in later life. Executed carefully and with understanding, you will develop coordination, strength and suppleness. Our adult learners all report a sense of real achievement, not forgetting the fun and camaraderie that naturally develops between classmates.

Private Lessons and Tailored Coaching

We are very happy to arrange private lessons for those pupils who would like individual coaching to help further their progress. This could be to prepare for vocational auditions or for dance competitions or, indeed, to improve a particular technique or area.

Pupils entering dance festivals are taught privately, which is a necessity for learning choreography and rehearsing.

Please get in touch with Tamara for further details.

Dance Teacher Training

We can help those with a true interest in teaching to train and qualify as a teacher in the Russian style of ballet.

To be eligible, our pupils must first pass their Advanced Foundation ballet exam. Once they have reached this level, students are invited to join the Russian Ballet Society. This automatically allows students to complete further examinations and continue building their UCAS points.

The first step is to train to become a primary ballet teacher by observing and assisting in the baby and first two primary grade classes. From here, we closely monitor students’ teaching and practical experience in class. We study every detail of how trainee teachers deliver their classes, from how they give instruction to how they understand the theory of teaching. Students will only be allowed to take their teaching exam when their mentor is confident that they have the knowledge and experience in school to pass.

For alumni of Southborough School of Dance, it’s an opportunity to study to be a teacher within the familiar surroundings of the school where they themselves trained as a ballet dancer.

Students who did not train with the Legat system must first prove they have passed the equivalent Advanced Foundation exam, and become members of the Russian Ballet Society.

For ex-professional dancers looking for a new career, our Professional Dancers’ Teacher Diploma (PDTD) is a perfect option. The course allows them to explore and develop their potential as teachers, without restricting their creative artistry in any way.

Have a genuine interest in teaching? Get in touch with the school principal to find out more.