Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was set up to bring together like-minded parents who saw a genuine need to help Tamara produce the school’s annual performance. There are many additional pressures that come with producing a show. These include organising photo sessions, gathering content for our souvenir programme, managing backstage and dressing rooms, not to mention the need for official chaperones for festivals and performances.

The PTA plays a vital role supporting Tamara with all of these activities, as well as operating and managing our shop and finding new ways to promote our wonderful school.

We invite pupils’parents to join the friendly and welcoming PTA group. Please speak to the Principal or to any of the PTA members if this interests you. Alternatively, just drop us an email. We meet at least once a term to update and discuss any important matters, with a few extra sessions when it’s showtime.

Chaperoning with us

Keeping your children safe is our main priority at Southborough School of Dance. We take this responsibility very seriously – please see our Safeguarding Policy. We are lucky that we have an army of parents ready and willing to help us do this during festivals and performances.

We are now required by law, however, to also have a set number of official chaperones supervising our children. As a result, we need as many trained volunteer chaperones as possible. Training is organised by Kent County Council, or the local council where you live. It’s a relatively straightforward process and can be completed online.

If you would like to be a chaperone you can find out more about the training here: Chaperone licence – Kent County Council. Alternatively, talk to us: we will be happy to help.